Thursday, 3 March 2016

Italian Urbex - Textil abbandonata, June 2015.

Another of many disused textile mills that I've visited. This manufacturer was based in the middle of absolutely nowhere nestled within a very remote part of Italy. Part of a very long, hot and arduous 3000km road trip across Italy last summer. 

Within the small town it resides in, perched amongst mountains, this is by far the largest building and had a massive factory floor. It’s no wonder that it became abandoned as there are no manufacturing centres for miles.

The building was probably built in the late 50’s / early 60’s although I couldn’t really pin a date on when it was last used, the calendar on the wall of the offices was 1981 and there was no sign of any computerisation. The living quarters and other rooms were all of 60’s / 70’s vintage… quite simply a proper time warp.

I can’t find a shred of information about the company on the internet, nor was there much company literature around, it all seemed to have been cleared out… Presumably the company folded long before t’internet.

All that remained was mostly trade magazines etc. Anyway, there was a shitload of machinery left, all decaying, more so if it was under one of the many drips from the roof.

There were circular sock knitting machines from Leicester, which was cool to see. Most of the sewers were Strobel, Dürkopp Adler or Pfaff (German), AMF Reece (American) with some Singer versions thrown in the mix… there was also an absolute shit tonne of unsold and unused cloth dating from the 60’s and some crazy 70’s t-shirts and stuff.

Photos mostly of the factory floor and associated gubbins as the other bits were shuttered up and pitch black. 

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  1. Pretty interesting pictures. All that material still there too!