Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mortuary, North East. August 2014

An alternative Bank Holiday trip


The site, just outside a small hamlet is home to a number of hospital buildings from the late Victorian era, through to 1950's > 1970's modern buildings, most of which are now derelict. A care home / hospice is still functioning towards the bottom of the site. 

An outline Planning Permission for 47 homes was granted in 2012, so it'll only be a matter of time before what remains on site is demolished to make way for boring houses.

This small mortuary block sits away from the rest of the cluster of hospital buildings alongside what we thought could have been an ambulance station and substation, both with the same 1950's utilitarian, flat roof vernacular. The building is small and it was difficult to take photos.







A mummified cat. 



Our trip to the North East also involved a drive into my former home town of Redcar and the beautiful, rugged, industrial coast at South Gare. 

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Plus a re-visit to Ushaw Seminary College. It has changed quite considerably in the five years that have past.

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