Sunday, 23 June 2013

Leeds Hospital - June 2013.

 photo IDA-1_zpsa68902d4.jpg

Winner of best derp small/medium hospital in the immediate Leeds area.

Visited with GeoVSometimes on a whim. Geo had been here 3 years prior and seen the lot prior to demolition. I went a couple of months later to find a pile of bricks where the good bits used to be. Looked then at the semi demolished, modern boiler house, but it was poo. On seeing recent photos of this bit pop up over the last few months, it was a worthy Sunday morning's local wander. I even used a tripod...

Good vintage, good decay - nil vandalism, two thumbs up.

This wing of the hospital was named after the funding couple's daughter, Ida. 

 photo IDA-5_zps00d6616f.jpg  photo IDA-20_zps4cfe3b78.jpg

 photo IDA-3_zps420d06c3.jpg


 photo IDA-17_zps351d9983.jpg  photo IDA-8_zps091c72e1.jpg

 photo IDA-10_zps3948d0a0.jpg  photo IDA-7_zpsf6fdb317.jpg


 photo IDA-6_zps2057f06a.jpg  photo IDA-9_zpsdcf0653a.jpg

 photo IDA-16_zps7e16d29b.jpg   photo IDA-18_zps1b16f684.jpg

Bits & Pieces

 photo IDA-11_zps6abc0556.jpg  photo IDA-24_zpsfb9d1011.jpg

 photo IDA-14_zps995828df.jpg  photo IDA-15_zps1f266ef7.jpg

 photo IDA-2_zpsdfc7da28.jpg

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